Sunday, September 7, 2008

I don't know why I saw the things I say, but I say them anyway-Brett Dennen

Sometimes I find myself being the person I hate, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the things I do, the more I live the more I realise that anything I do that is good doesn't come from me.

The selfish ambitions are all me, but the times when I do a self sacrificing deed, this is not of me, for every good & perfect gift comes from God.

I am a snob, so much so that I can even see it, growing up I always despised the cliques and the snobs, but as I got older I came up with the conclusion that I didn't need them that I was cool and that they should be so lucky to be my friends.

I say this because I have found myself very cliquey, snobby and having a attitude, where did that come from? I very well know that it is all pride, my desire to be esteemed, looked up to and to be glorified, but God humbles the proud and gives grace to the humble.

He exalts those who are humble and humbles those who exalt themselves, I don't want to have such an attitude, I naturally have an attitude, but I don't want my natural self, because my heart is deceitfully wicked. Lord help me to reach out to your children and hold others in a higher regard then myself.

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