Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Holidays are over and it seems like January is every ones wind down time, no spending money, no going out just kinda sit by the fire curl up and watch a movie at night, except for the Craws!

I am going for a tune up for my lungs then when I get out I have less then two weeks to pack and move to Southern California! I am super excited to have a new place of our own and to decorate it and have all that space!!! Right now Kyle works from our room where our bed is and where our TV is and couch is, all in one small space, we are going crazy! We have two roommates who share the common areas and I love them and they are great! I couldn't ask for two sweeter ladies to live with! That being said after 6 months Kyle and I see each other all the time in these tight quarters, we love each other dearly but we need our space and time alone, it will just be healthy for us.

We signed a lease on a new condo last weekend Kyle will be close to his family and I will be moving back next to family and friends that I haven't lived next to in a LONG time!!

But my heartbreaks to leave my family up here! My parents, My sister, brother in law, my nephew and my new nephew!! I want to come and visit VERY often, I just feel like this is right for us and through lots of prayer and consideration we took that step.
~Please keep us in your prayers as I go in for a tune-up and move :)


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Katrina said...

Sorry to hear that you need a tune-up. It's good to get it out of the way though. Believe it or not I missed three moves due to being in the hospital! I swear it was never on purpose! LOL. It was always kinda of like a surprise unpacking my things and looking to see where the movers or family put them.

Nana said...

It will all turn out as God planned, and He is in charge! It is planned by Him, initiated by Him, and it wil come to pass from Him. You have lots of family and love here to support you and Kyle. Never hesitate to call on us (I am sure all of us) we can help in many ways. Tuneup time is a good thing, gives you added strenth, of mind and body. Prayers, love, and support. . . .Love you 2 Pop and Nana