Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For once I loved

I do, I do,
is your heart true;
now that you have left me as the fool?

Who am I, who are you?
A heart of anger and you treating me like a stranger;

Convinced it was only me; how can you not see,
that we were suppose to be?

Which is really right, which is really wrong?
I know how to be strong because I have been doing it for so long.

You will not have the best of me yet,
Oh and I will no longer fret;

Over a boy that could not stay wed,
for I know you will have to sleep in that bed.


Leah said...

I am so, so, sorry Rebecca.

ZombieHilary said...

Sorry to hear this.

Nana said...

Know your heart was damaged by this, and our hearts cry for the pain it caused you. You are still "that wonderful spunky girl" anyway, and that cannot be damaged! God holds you in his arms and heart, and he will not let go of you. We all love and pray for you now and always. Pop and Nana

K-Kat said...

Rebecca, I am so sorry for you. Like your poem said... you are strong. And your best is still ahead of you.
The poem was also right. The man was a boy, not a man.
Love you and am praying for you,