Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today I wanna live... tomorrow I wanna die.

When liking someone such as a crush your disease is always a factor, questions arise such as...., "could they handle my disease," "would they be the shoulder I could lean on?"

Love is sweet, it brings joy, it brings purpose and meaning to life, it is something so beautiful you can't completely understand it. You search for it your whole life, live for it and die for it, but has love been good to you, does it return your afffections?

There is a reason they call it a crush...because they will crush your heart in the end, so do you want to guard your heart, so that you will never be hurt again? Well love is sour, it comes with a price, a price all have to pay at the doors of love, the only amount that can pay for such a costly gift is ones heart, the rythum of your being, the life supply to each and every cell of who you are.

Even though my heart will break I choose to love, because a life without love is no life at all, even though I know one day this disease will eventually kill me, that day is not today. I wanna live today and I'll die tomorrow when my heart is broken and tired of shareing all the love I have, and if I don't die tomorrow I'll keep on loving each day at a time while my life goes by full of meaning and purpose.

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