Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love me tender, love me true -Norah Jones

I have not shed a tear, out of despair, only out of pain while I have been here. There is something so beautiful about being in a situation like this.

You get see things most people can't, you get to hear a melody that only a few hearts know.

I love to make the hospital staff laugh, because my laughter has increased in value the moment that I walked in these hospital doors.

My smile is more than the worth of diamonds, and my love is able to pierce the hardest hearts.

I am able to be a witness, in a way I could not be any where else.

So Lord take my hand and lead me on, continue to use me to reach your hurting children. Give me the joy and love that only you can give.

You have broken me Lord so that I can love them, my heart says thank you, because through the pain you have brought joy.

My Father I love you so much, my heart aches for yours, and I long to be with you. Why can' this be enough, why do I still long for more?


Leah said...

that's neat bec.

it almost seems (and sometimes is) impossible to remain cheerful and full of joy when i am in the hospital. you're right... not many people do understand that. the nurses know that though, and it does make you stand out to them...

we were at the beach all day today, that's why i didn't answer the phone. i'll try to call you tonight!

Leah said...


read my comment on july 9.