Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bright as yellow -Innocence Mission

I refuse to speak up, I will only speak out. I do not want first place but I will finish the race.

When will I see that its not about me, that I do not matter, how do I give up everything?

How can I run to you and be under the shadow of your wings, how can I turn the other cheek, how can forgive my enemies and pray for those who hate me?

How do keep my judging eyes off the sinner, Lord how? How do I let bitterness go, how do I allow my hard heart to be made soft again?

How my God can I praise you when I am alone and hurting? How can I be set apart from the selfishness of man?

Tears flow from my eyes when I see the child with no food, when I see molestation, kidnapping and murder how can I forgive them and know you forgive them to?

How can I forgive the tyrant, how can I forgive the cold cruelty of abuse.

Lord, how, how Lord, can I remain pure in a corrupt world, how can I be a pure spotless lamb of sacrifice?

I have seen the lowest of men, I have partaken in lusts of the flesh, I have found pleasure in sin and corruptness, I have eaten with swine and come to the end of all the world has, and i ask Lord please take me back again.

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