Monday, August 4, 2008

I wanna wake up kicking and screaming -Switchfoot

Each minute is filled with pain and anxiety as I reach the end of this hospital stay, I find myself looking at the clock over and over again anticipating the arrival of Wednesday.

My sanity is becoming a distant thought and my emotions and everything in me is screaming for life, this untameable will to live is taking over all rationalism and this adrenaline feels like a drug running through my veins.

It is a fire inside of me burning through my skin, and I am scratching at the walls of this prison. I count my breaths trying to regain control over my sanity but in my attempt to have control I am only made more aware of how little influence I have over my written destiny.

Through these times of lifeless misery the life left inside goes into an uncontrollable rage, like a wild cat stuck in a cage, it begins to kick and scream and wants to break through the bearers of my medioaker life.

I can't do this on my own, I need you, why do you not answer my calls? Is it me, what do I lack, why do you not come and claim the heart that is yours? I am slipping away, my heart is growing numb come and rescue me from my demise.

I don't want to die alone here without you, please take my hand come by my side before I die. I know you don't need me but I need you.

I laugh and I cry, I yell and I lie, but please still hold me tight....

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