Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't you want me baby -Human League

You tell me to change, but why don't you? You say I am sorry x2, you leave me broken and confused.

You say you love me, but it is another that holds the key, to a heart wholesome by grace running this hard and painful race.

You like the way I look and the way I shine, you see the difference in my heart and in my mind.

You get mad when I say no, but really you must go; you are the very thing that makes my heart flee, the very thing that attracts you to me is the difference in me you see?

If I were to say yes, I would just be like the rest. If I say no, you may feel low, but in the end its for the best.

My wholesome innocence is at a cost but the value far exceeds the loss. I am done listening to your pocket full of lies that makes me cry. I will stay true until the day I die.

So ask me once, ask me twice, try over and over again but nothing will be right, until the Lord says your true love can hold you tight tonight.


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Bethany said...

Excellent! good job Rebecca!

Leah said...

i really like this