Saturday, October 18, 2008

Everyone around me is trying to make a statement & I am just trying to survive -Lifehouse

Reminder...... is becoming time when germs are on the rise, please be courteous and wash your hands, cover your mouths when you cough, cover your mouths and noses when you sneeze.

It may seem like no big deal, but there are people walking around with immune compromising diseases that would greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Just please be cautious and hopefully someone will do the same for you. Thanks

I had something really awkward happen today....I needed to get out of the house because I was getting cabin fever. So I decided to go to Barnes & Nobles because there is a book I have been wanting by Dr. Laura schlessinger, " 10 stupid things woman do to mess up their lives." ( I'll let you know how it is)

Anyway.....I went to Bath & Body works to smell all the wonderful scents, then I decided to go into Marshalls just to look around. Well I felt the urge to sneeze, my nose had become overwhelmed by all the scents I had just taken in. So I put my hand up to cover my was a sprayer, so I looked down at my hand to see what the damage was.

I was expecting to see a few spots of snot on my hands which I could get away with just wiping on my clothes, to my surprise and embarrassment there sat on my hand a half dry half wet chunk of green snot, not to mention the size was of abnormal proportions. I quickly looked up to scan my surroundings and see if anyone was watching what just happened.

I seemed to be in the clear, or else if someone saw they must have looked away fast, the next thought that came to me was, "what should I do with this pet monster on my hand?"

I frantically began to search my purse with my clean hand while balancing the mass of infected sputum on the other. I found a very small piece of paper, now no other way but indiscreetly I had to transfer the snot from my hand to the piece of paper, if it would all fit on it.

I decided to just go for it, and if people saw, they saw. After the transfer I decided to leave it in the side pocket of my purse so I could dispose of it when I reached the nearest garbage can, which I did.

Sometimes having CF can lead to embarrassing moments, I am glad that I am someone who doesn't become embarrassed easily.

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