Thursday, October 23, 2008

" I surrender all." -Judson Van DeVenter & Winfield Weeden

The angels are singing praises to the KING of KINGS!!

James called me last night to ask me how to ask Jesus into his heart, I offered to pray with him but he said he wanted to do it by himself.

Today on the way to church he said that he asked Jesus to live inside of him, he said it has been the first day that he hasn't cried in a long time.

During a song James began to cry, he said that it seemed as if the song was written for him. He said I can't believe the way that made me feel, the moment I walked in the door he said, I knew these people had seen and know something I have never known before.

On the way home I shared with him the parable of the sowers, and at the end he said, "how do you know what seed you are?" I told him it depends on what you do with the seed that you have received, I told him that now he has heard the truth it is up to him to live his life for Christ and surrender it all to Jesus.

I am so totally blessed that God allowed me to bring my co-worker to Christ, it was so super natural, it was such a divine intervention. God was trying to get this man's attention, and it is so beautiful how the Lord can turn this man's suffering into something beautiful.

My heart is rejoicing for the salvation of a friend, thank you Jesus, for using me to share your love.

Glory to God!!


Bethany said...

PRAISE the LORD! I was praying for him throughout the week AND before service! God definitely orchestrated all the songs sung and the msg...everything- it was a divine appt for James. Thank you for being faithful unto the work of the ministry. :) love you Becca

Leah said...

YES! WOO HOO! Praise the Lord! I am partying along with those angels, seriously. That is so awesome!