Monday, February 1, 2010

Yesterday- Beatles

Chili & Corn bread for dinner tonight. The Gym and then to bed at an decent hour because I work in the morning.

I am scared to make a Doc appt. with the CF doc in fear of my PFT's and me not wanting to go into the hospital, I just can't afford a tune up on my lungs right now. Is that bad, to do that? I told myself that I will go in for check up when I start going back to the gym so that I can expand my lung capacity.

Also my pancreas flare ups scare me because they are get more and more frequent, I start to dwell on whether or not pancreatitis will kill me. I ask for peace in the matter but it is just so hard not to think about it, when I am suppose to remember to take my enzymes with every bit of food and some drinks I consume.

It just feels like yesterday that I was 19 with 120% lung capacity, what happened why did the progression get worse?


seth... said...

hey sis
prayin for God's guidance and the grace to follow. it's always such a tough decision - going in to the hospital, etc...

look forward to seeing you again in the big S.C.

God bless.

Colleen said...

I also have CF and I look forward to following your blog.