Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy & fun weekend ahead!

This week seems like it is taking forever to go by! I am waiting rather impatiently for the weekends arrival! Kyle went down to So Cal for the last week and won't be back until Saturday, I miss him something awful!

I have been having drama practice for the last 5 weeks and this Saturday will be our last practice because Easter Sunday we will perform! I am very excited about the drama we have all been practicing hard and making great progress!

Then its Easter at the Boren's House and that night the fam will be going on short vacation to an undisclosed location! Hint: there will be fishing!

I praise God that Leah is doing so well and we are able to do normal family things once again! It truly is such a gift and I thank God in His mercy. I only hope I will someday get such a chance as that!

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Leah said...

i can't wait for this weekend too! it's going to be so fun!