Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh baby stop your crying

I have a wonderful job that I love, I am a Nanny! It can be very fun and I love when they take naps!

I don't work Mondays so Tuesdays are my Mondays and yesterday ( Monday) I woke up feeling so lethargic I didn't want to move out of bed. My first thought was oh no my Graves Disease is acting up and I am Hypo now!

Then I started to have cramps and I realized it was something else, it was my Endometriosis acting up, it is around that time of month so I realized it was just a matter of dealing with the way I felt, which was a huge relief!

Having your thyroid hormones off is way harder to deal with then having an increase of hormones once a month. Dealing with the Endo is pain management and well, just don't talk to me for about 3 days!

I used to have pain everyday for the last year, it became so exhausting that I broke down and went to the ER. I saw a pain management Doctor that helped me deal with my pain. Endometriosis can cause chronic pain and it was taking over my life, then the doc prescribed me Lyrica! It was like Manna from heaven it was the key to feeling better!

Anyhow I woke up this morning feeling pretty good and went off to work with a smile on my face. I stopped by Starbucks for my 7 pump Chai Latte (I like it spicy) the man behind the counter asked, "How is your day going?"

I responded," I think it is to early to tell."

I stood there digging in my purse to realize I had forgotten my wallet.

Then I said,"I guess my day is not going that good I forgot my wallet!"

He said, "don't worry about it, enjoy your day!"

I was shocked by this mans kindness and went on my now very merry way!

Rex, the little boy I watch was in such a happy and playful mood, I was delighted to see him. We began to play with his toys and have a great time. He took a nap then it was time for lunch.

When it is that time of month I have a tendency to become anemic, (lack of iron) I also think my blood sugar was low today. My hands were shaking and I was very irritated because Rex wasn't eating his food!!

The first three bites Rex was happy and then a switch turned on and it was like he planned to be rebellious on purpose. He began throwing his food, spitting it out and throwing fits when I tried to get him to eat! I felt like smacking this kid but of course I didn't but I definitely wanted to!!

With my hands shaking, Rex crying and this overwhelming hunger that was hanging over me I thought maybe I was being to hard on the little guy but he still needed to eat!

That is when I decided to deprive him from his milk until he ate his food, it worked somewhat but lets just say that today that little boy didn't cry like he usually does when I leave!

So now I am home with a full belly and sipping on a Dr. Pepper thinking how strange it is how much my health effects my every move of every day. I just don't think people realize it, I don't think they realize that it is like a dominoes effect, when one thing is off it throws a bunch of other things off.

We need to cure Cystic Fibrosis!!

Sorry for the honesty guys but it is life!!

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