Monday, April 19, 2010

Eating right to fight.

Last week I went to the doctor and to my dismay the scale was not my friend. I knew I had gained weight but lets just say I liked being a little fat and happy. Then reality hit and the way I had gained these five pounds was not healthy at all.

Now you might be saying, "five pounds, that is all?" Well five pounds sits on may petite frame like fifteen pounds, one of the many curses of being short! So I knew it was time for change, I went back home and headed straight for the grocery store to buy healthy food and started working out 5 days a week. Kyle had already started eating more healthy about 2 weeks prior so it was easy for me to jump on the health band-wagon.

We decided to allow ourselves one free day a week, where could eat anything we wanted for that day, we decided our day would be Saturday.

We also decided to be more active just with our daily activities, we are actually a pretty active couple in general but we wanted to step it up a bit.

My new favorite active activity we do is roller skating! We go every Saturday night, Kyle used to coach a hockey team so his skating skills are far superior then mine. I am so thankful that my Mother made me do Gymnastics for 8yrs it will always be a helpful tool for the rest of my life because I am catching on pretty quick!! Last time I learned the step over while going around a turn and that was only my second time of Kyle's training!

We were inspired to go skating after seeing, Drew Berrymore's, "Whip It," it was a good movie, check it out!

The first 2 days after my lifestyle change my body was going through some serious detox from sugar, man that was crazy!! For those of you who don't know I have OCD, people with OCD are found to have low levels of Serotonin. My OCD is about 80-90% under control but during the first two days of my healthy eating my OCD control seemed to drop to about 60%, I was totally confused!

So I did a little research and found that sugar is a feel good food, and it really does make you feel good! Sugar creates serotonin and gives your brain that happy feeling! My body already has trouble making serotonin so take sugar away from me and my brain was in for a real surprise!
Well the OCD symptoms wore off as my body adjusted to the new level of serotonin I was ingesting.

Then I started feeling really good after the first 2 days, more energy, with exercise I was coughing up a bunch of junk that hadn't been moved in a while! So I am not only going to loose 5 pounds, I am going to fight CF by eating right and exercise!! You can help me fight too, by donating at and by becoming a donor!


Nana said...

VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!! I know what you mean, "only 5 lbs.????" I hat that when people say that! when you're short, it makes a BIG differenc. But aside from that, your energy level, is up, you are doing the best excercise! I remember when I learned the cross over, I felt like a star skater!! Keep it up Sweet Pea, it is all good!!! Love you. Nana and Pop

Leah said...

we are coming with you to go skating on saturday! yay!

k-kat said...

Good job Bec, I am proud of you. I am so happy that you and Kyle are eating better but am even more happy about the exercising.
You know how i feel about exercise.
I love you

k-kat said...
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