Monday, May 10, 2010

First things first

I find it amusing how us human beings naturally make a routine out of the things we do. I just want to share a few with you and let me know what you do as well.

First thing I do when I wake up: My inhaler.

First thing I do when I get home: Wash my hands

First thing I do when I get in my car: buckle up

First thing I do when I get to a restaurant: Find a place to wash my hands

First thing I do to get ready for bed: get into my PJ's

First thing I do when I go to Leah and Seth's: Say hi to Chiquita (haha)

There are more, I might add some as I become aware of them, but please let me know some of yours, I am a bit curious :)


Leah said...

haha funny. a lot of mine are the same as yours...

i go through the fun mail first; junk mail second

at restaurants i find a place to wash my hands too

before i cook, i clean up and make sure i have clean counter space first

i give levi a hug and kiss goodnight every night

at disneyland i always ride peter pan first

i can't think of any more right now... but i am sure there are hundreds. we are creatures of habit.

Nana said...

I make my bed. Go and turn on the coffee. Give the girls clean water. Check my e-mail. Drink coffe and read the paper. Look at my list of things and places I have to go, if housecleaning will do that before I leave. Relax in the pm, before dinner. Put my pj's on right when it gets dark., and other things, that I do, that is natural to me, but seem mundane. Love you. Nana

Rebecca said...

I feel the older I get the more routine my life becomes. I still try to keep a free nature admist my daily life though, I think it is what keeps us young and alive longer.

I like yours Leah, they were fun to read. more please...

Nana said...

Oh forgot. . . .Tues. and Thurs. I go to the gym at 5:30 am, so it gives me a boost of energy, physically, mentally and emotionally. If the body feels good, the mind feels better. . . . .Love, Nana

k-kat said...

ummm, i don't think that Chiquita gives you a choice.

tgd said...

first thing i do after i use a grocery cart: use hand sanitizer.

first thing i do when i fall out of bed: create COFFEE.

First thing I do when i get change at the store: use hand sanitizer (there is a theme here).

First thing I do when I get ready for bed: check the stove & door locks.

At restaurants, find a place to wash my hands after I look at the menu (is there a CF protocol for this??).