Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things on my wish list right now...

1) A infuser tea pot, followed with loose leaf teas!

2) An apple, core, peeler, slicer. Seth and Leah got me one, sadly I lost in a move :(

3) Bread Maker, oh how I love the smell of fresh bread!!

4) a sewing machine, nothing fancy just one that sews.

5) a nice quality mattress, with high thread count sheets! Oh how delightful they sound!!

6) Cooking from scratch cook book

I know my list is very domestic, but the older I get the more I enjoy doing those types of things. It is fun and I am good at it and who doesn't like doing what they are good at, right?


Nana said...

Hey Sweet Pea, Thanks for the wish list, makes it easy for B-day and Christmas!!!! (at least two or three) Sounds domestic, and that is good. We love you!! Pop and Nana

k-kat said...
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