Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So much has happened, a whirlwind of joy! As you probably guess/know I am engaged and boy what a lucky girl I am!

We are having what they call a, "shot gun," wedding. I am getting married on July 11th 2010! Man I am just out of breath saying that!

I am in the hospital now, I am wanting to be in tip top shape for the wedding/honeymoon! All the last details are coming together and I am having so much fun planning!

We are getting married at a little western town in Half Moon Bay! It is like a mini theme park and I will ride in on a horse! How cute is that?

Our colors are blue and yellow, I must say I am having so much fun that, I wouldn't mind being a wedding planner! If my dang body would just keep up with my mind!

We already took our engagement photos and here is a few for you!


Nana said...

Sweet Pea,soontobe Craw,

Love every one of your pictures! you two look so good together, and Kyle is caring and sensitive ( in a strong way) to all your needs. We cannot wait for the wedding, it will be such a fun one! We are so happy for you two. And the possibility of you guys moving to So. Cal, makes Pop and I (and I am sure Kyles fam) so happy!! Lots of family here, to support you guys. We love you much, and will see you in a month! Pop and Nana

k-kat said...

luv u, & am happy 4 u