Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Staph from the Staff

First off let me clear something up, I did not know that, "shot gun wedding," meant that the bride is pregnant and the father is holding up a shot gun to the groom. I thought it just meant a, "quick," engagement. Let me assure you all that I am not with child! ha!

So I have been as you know planning for a wedding, well part of my plans was to go into the hospital for a quick tune-up on my lungs so that I would be in tip top shape for me wedding and honeymoon. I started to get fevers and body aches, sure sign of a raging infection. I was super bummed because for my wedding shower I had a fever and body aches, I felt like I couldn't breathe, it was horrible. My wedding shower was perfect and very beautiful and I loved everyone for coming on such short notice, thank you so much it meant so much to me!!

That night I ended up in the ER with very bad lung pain. Day 5 of my hospital visit I was recovering very nicely and was scheduled to finish up the rest of anitbiotic course on home IV's this made me very happy since planning a wedding is hard to do from a hospital room.

Everything was ready to go, I had got the ok from the docs we were just waiting from the health insurance to approve everything, when the doctor walked and told me he had very bad news. I couldn't go home because I had staph infection in my blood, he said it was given to me through my medi port and if untreated could spread to my heart valve. To treat it he said I had to be on 6 weeks of IV antibiotics! I straight out said, that can't happen I am getting married in 3 weeks!
So he said to make treatment time to go down to two weeks we have to take the port out and use a PICC line.

I was freaking out because the reason I had a port was because the couldn't get a picc line in me, I was so scared and frustrated, I had no idea what we would do!

It was Friday so I had to wait until Monday for the PICC surgeon to come in, meanwhile get the port taken out.

Monday came and they did the PICC line through X-Ray and it was all successful! and smooth, Praise the Lord!

The insurance still hadn't approved the home IV's but the hospital decided to pay for it if the insurance ended up not paying for it. I would then everyday go to the OOU to receive an outpatient infusion of antibiotics.

They tried the first antibiotic in the hospital, "Vanco, and I broke out in huge hives, so they stopped it. They tried a new antibiotics in the OOU, broke out in hives again! Then took out the PICC line thinking they didn't need it anymore. Then they prescribed an oral, I started taking that after the first two doses the doctor canceled it due to an drug interaction with something I was already taking. That night left with no new antibiotics and the doc on vacation I was suppose to just let the staph go untreated in my blood.

That night during dinner Kyle and I were trying to figure out what step we should take now, since we were left in the dust on a Friday afternoon with no follow up plan. All of the sudden I my arm started to itch and hives were popping up, then my throat began to close up and I was having trouble swallowing! Kyle rushed me to the hospital where they treated me for a severe allergy. We explained everything to the doctors and they started to work on our unique situation.

Finally I was told I was being admitted and to get ready to be taken to a room. Then another Doc came in and began to say that there was no need for me to be admitted and he could treat me at home on oral antibiotics. Now I am on two orals at home, they make me feel tired and sick to my stomach sometimes, but nothing like hives. Oh and my pee is dark orange, which is kinda fun :D

Sadly I got this infection, the truth is, Staph is in every hospital and I could have got it at Stanford or your local hospital. Someone touched my port site with something unclean and there you go. I praying that my heart will be ok and that I will not stress out over all this, but it is hard not too. If you think of me could you pray for me please? Thank you


Nana said...

Sweet Pea,

You have been through so much! It does sound like you are doing good on the oral meds. We will pray very hard that it works out, and that every day, the infection gets out of your body. Just another hurdle for you, but at what a time!! Know so many prayers are going up for you, so it will turn out as you planned. We love you, and are praying every time we think of you (which is a lot) Pop,Nana and Ed

Katrina said...

Sure hope those oral antibiotics clear things up quickly and that you are able to have a wonderful wedding & honeymoon! Sending you healing thoughts & prayers! (((Hugs)))

m.kay preston said...

praying for you darling!!!! marjie