Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Final Stretch

It is in the 100's by the ocean and I can not go swimming! I love to swim, I feel light and like nothing holds be back not even these lungs of mine! I almost don't feel human as I kick my feet and the water wooches past my face like a powerful wind! For a small moment I am not in this world, I have escaped to an unknown underground, where time stands still, like I am gopher ducking down in it's hole, somewhere safe and sound.

Sadly today, the hottest day of the year, I can not swim, I love swimming in the ocean, diving in and out as the waves crash down, like you are cheating this force of nature!!

I have one more day until this central line gets out, that is if my lung capacity is where, "they, " want it to be! Which I am pretty sure it is. I have been riding the stationary bike and getting faster and with higher resistance and NOT getting out of breathe! I am praying I made my goal to 80%! It makes me nervous just thinking about it. I am notorious at clinic for being so happy and then when I blow my PFT's crying. I think partially it is that I am VERY hard on myself and nothing is good enough it could always be better. I think the only time I was satisfied with my lung capacity is when I was 20yrs old and I blew a record breaking (for a normal person) 130%, I know what you are thinking,"is that even possible?" Yes it is and it was! Maybe for an athlete!! Sadly I will never gain that capacity back, but I can fight for what I do have!

I will keep you updated with the results from clinic tomorrow! Shine bright!


katie said...

Praying for you, Girl.

Sarah said...

I'm praying for a couple more hot days, so when you do *AWESOME* on your lung capacity test and they take out your central line, you can go swimming!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much ladies!

Nana said...

Sweet Pea,

Know you will do awesome! We are praying now as I write (Pop and I) the swim will be exilerating, and you will glide thru those waves, like "Ariel" We love you very much. Pop and Nana

Jenny Livingston said...

Hi! I wanted to say thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog (although it's been several days ago now...)
I read back through some of your posts and really enjoyed what I read. I'll check back often, if that's okay. ;)