Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hooked up and beat down

I am feeling weaker from the antibiotics they kill good and bad bacteria and I am tired of feeling helpless. It is hard not to get depressed when all the energy you have goes into taking a shower for the day.

I saw this questionnaire floating around and being as bored as I am I decided to keep myself entertained for a little while longer.


Available: Newlywed

Age: 26 and three quarters (heehee)

Annoyance: people who complain about their lives but do nothing to change it

Animal: I wish the gopher colony in my backyard would be obliterated!


Birthday: Nov. 25th 1983

Body part on opposite sex: lips

Best feeling in the world: eating something I have been craving

Blind or deaf:neither, both are ultra keen

Best weather: Sunny!

Believe in magic: No

Believe in santa: until I was 3yrs old


Candy is: delicious

Color(s): green

Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate

Chinese/Mexican: 1/4 Mexican

Cake/Pie: Pie, no contest

Continent to visit: Europe!

Cheese: all


Day/Night: Night

Dance in the rain: is wet


Eyes: Green-blue

Everyone's got: a choice


First thoughts waking up: I'm alive

Food: I love


Greatest fear: dying alone

Goals: currently to get my lung capacity back in the 80's

Gum: Trident Original (a perfect blend of mint and cinnamon)

Get along with your parents? most of the time

Good luck charm: No.


Hair color: light brown

Height: 5'1

Holiday: Christmas!

How do you want to die: OLD. (taken from Christy H. :)


Ice cream: Mint Chip

Instrument: piano


Jewelry: can never have enough

Job: none


Kids: soon

Kickboxing or Karate: Karate

Keep a journal? on and off


Love: in love with it.

Laughed so hard you cried: never have, but I laugh hard a lot!


Mood: Happy

Milk flavor: occasional glass of 1/2 and 1/2

Movies: Drama

Motion sickness?: it gets worse the older I get

McD's or BK: Mc D's, no contest


Number of siblings: 1 sister.

Number of piercings: 5

Number: 5


One wish: I could live to see my kids grown up


Perfect Pizza: chicken bbq pesto

Pepsi/Coke: It used to pepsi for a long time then switched about 5yrs ago to coke.


Quail: the two baby quail my neighbor ran over when I was 10.


Reasons to cry: don't like to think about that

Radio station: 102.5

Ring size: 5


Song:"Everything," by Lifehouse

Shoe size: 6.

Salad dressing: Olive oil and balsalmic vinegar.

Slept outside: in the back of my Uncle's truck when I had the croup.

Skinny dipped?: I only got down to my underwear :)

Sing well?: some think so.

Strawberries/Blueberries: I have never liked strawberries, it is a texture thing.


Tattoos?: 2 and thinking about a 3rd

Time for bed: when I decide to take my ambien


Unpredictable: I like it like that.


Vacation spot: tropical


Weakness: ice cream

Worst feeling: pancreatitis

Wanted to be a model?: a hand and foot one, ahaha

Where do we go when we die?: that is up to you.

Worst Weather?: freezing snow


X-Ray: a recent change, "Any chance you are pregnant?" No, yes...wait, I don't know :)

Ex's: no spouses just Ex-bfs


Year it is now: 2010

Yellow: Houses!!


Zoo animal: Monkey


Nana said...

Sweet Pea. . . . .I remember you and your Mom sleeping in the bed of Uncle Kyles truck, when you had croup. . . funny how those things come back, and what they mean to us. Love you very much. Pop and Nana

k-kat said...

thank you for putting neighbor on baby quail