Friday, August 6, 2010

Living the Blessed life!

Kyle and I have been married for three weeks now, how time flies! We have settled into our home and are loving married life! Kyle is working on growing, "Helio Bikes," if you need/want a motorized bike, want a motor put on your bike, want a motor kit or need a motor bike fixed we can do that for you! You can go to the website at and/or call (760)213-1472. The bikes get about 100-120 mpg (mostly depending on your weight) they go about 30-40mph! They are street legal and don't require registration and a great way to save on gas!

On the other hand I am loving being apart of a new family today my new Nephew was born, Chord Alexander Craw, welcome little one!


Leah said...

He is so cute! Stinkin adorable! I like your new blog design too

katie said...

Great business concept. I hope it really takes off for you guys. Your new nephew is so precious!! Enjoy your new marriage. : )

Nana said...

Hi SP,

Well I got in! once in a while, I have a real brain!!!! Glad you and Kyle are so happy, we are sooo happy for you. Love you both! Pop and Nana