Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I fought the cold off but just when I thought I was in the clear my pancreas flared up. I am horrible at fasting, I have little self control when it comes to food! Seriously if I didn't have CF I would be obese.

Tomorrow I think I will try some cream of wheat in the morning! I am so excited about it, crazy how we take the little things granted.

I would like a job again though, my brain is needing an activity to do. I am not sure what kind of work I would like to do but I need to do something soon.

Did I mention I am starving :)


katie said...

I hope you can savor that Cream of Wheat and find a fantastic job soon!

Nana said...

Hope you really enjoyed the cream of wheat. One down one two go sweet pea. Have you thought of working at a Vets office? you are compassionate, and caring. You would be great answering phones. We pray for you every day. We love you. Pop and Nana