Friday, October 8, 2010


So being married is fun! I love taking care of my Honey. Feeding him, and cooking, and eating and...uh oh we need to go on a diet!

Most people with Cystic Fibrosis don't need to calorie count, at least not to lose weight but they calorie count to gain weight.

I have had my ups and downs in weight and lets just say I am in a, "up," way up! That is ok though because it means I am healthy! I have been working out a lot and I have made it past the, "habit," stage!

Here are some pictures of my creations, the pie is by no means a diet dessert, but the yogurt with blueberries is something that is sweet and tart, sugar free and low fat, full of probiotics!

The recipe for the pie is from the, "simple recipes,' website, under, "Blackberry Pie," as well as is the pie crust. The yogurt dessert is from the creativity of Rebecca Craw's brain :)

Speaking of using my brain, I didn't do that in the first time I made the pie. I just followed the recipe to the T, dismissing my instincts. The pie turned out sloppy and messy, not a very pretty site but it tasted great! The second time I used my instincts and the pie turned out beautiful! I hope you think so too!

All I did was get plain yogurt and put in the freezer for four hours and topped with blueberries. Kyle wanted me to mention this next part was his idea. We both agreed that it would taste better if I mixed in two packets of splenda then freeze it.


Nana said...

You are a master!!!! beautiful pictures and yummy stuff!!Tell Kyle that he is a chef in the making! You are in your element, sweet pea. And I am sure Kyle is loving it all!! Love to see you so happy, and creative. Love, Pop and Nana

katie said...

That pie looks sooo yummy!! I'm glad married life is going so well for you and Kyle. : )