Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools- I'm not pregnant :)

Ok, so as of late I have been horrible at updating my blog. Which I think is stupid, there is no reason that I should not be doing this!

We moved into our new home and we got a puppy and I got a job! Man, so many things.

We started an adoption process and also are trying to have a baby, we think that God will allow it to happen if he wants it to.

Kyle has been working hard at Helio and I am being a housewife with a new puppy! I got a job as an academic coordinator for foreign exchange students. What is so perfect about this job is that I work from home most of the time! So I will be able to work even when I am not feeling 100%!

I got a cold about a week ago and it went straight to my lungs leaving me feeling like I can't breathe, fevers, body aches and lung pain. No fun! When I get like this I start feeling depressed and so disabled from CF. I HATE BEING LIMITED FROM CF, It is so frustrating when your mind wants to do a thousand different things and then your body just starts yelling at you to STOP!

I most likely will need to go into the hospital soon, I have a sinus infection from my environment change, *sigh* CF always gets in the way!

Sometimes I just want to scream, I am human just like everyone else! I have dreams and desires like everyone else! I am not just a girl who is sick, who is dying, CF does not define me, I am my own person without CF! It is something I deal with all the time but it is not who I am.

There are so many people on FB that I know who are sick, who have died and who have so much pain from this horrible disease, there are SO many of them, way more then you could ever realize, more then I even realize. CFers are all over the world, on every Continent!


Nana said...

Sweet Pea,

You truely are "one of my hereos" your kind and loving heart, is your best attribute. You see people and are not judgemental, that is a gift, a loving gift from God. We pray that all you dream may come about. We love you very much. Pop and Nana

SillyHeart said...

That's what I was thinking about when I drew you. I was thinking about how you have such a strong force inside you but then the CF is just always there. You shine through though, you really do.

Leah said...

i am sorry you are feeling so badly. it is rough, i know. don't let CF define you .... and i know you don't! even that is a struggle too, no one realizes. even the question acquaintances ask, "how are you today?" can become a struggle to answer ... i am sorry. you'll be feeling a little better soon..

also... very excited to have a nephew/niece!!!!! you have to move back... i want to spoil and babysit for free. it's too hard to watch kids grow from a distance... you just don't feel as attached :(