Monday, October 31, 2011

New way, new me, new journy

The more and more I learn about CF and its stages the more I realize how much we really don't know very much about it. Even more so treating adults with CF is a very new thing, adults with CF are pioneers right now and each one of us is having to fight for future generations to come with Cystic Fibrosis.

Also with my experience I have learned that I have almost always been right when it comes to my own body and taking charge of my care rather then never questioning or voicing what I feel to doctors or others in charge.

I am now going to embark on a different angle with treating my CF, I will now be trying a holistic approach to fighting CF. A journey that most western doctors would frown upon, but from experience I am finding that alternative treatments have value.

Right now I am going to be 28yrs old in less then a month, I have a lung capacity of 67% to 73% or 2.0-2.2 liters. I weigh 108lbs and am fairly healthy because of how hard I work to take care of myself, but I know I could do better.

When I move back up north I am going to start training for a sprint-Triathlon and cutting back on my dairy and sugar intake to see if that helps reduce my mucus production and allows my immune system to not be compromised.

If you have any tips on this new lifestyle then I would greatly appreciate it. There are a few holistic things that I find really help me out with some CF related issues if you want to hit me up. Mucho amore.


Piper said...

hey there!

sounds like a good idea. i'm a huge fan of so-called "western"/"modern" medicine in partnership with more holistic methods. cutting dairy and sugar (known inflammatories) is a great start. other tips: cut back on your use of chemicals in the home (harsh bleach, soaps or air sprays with scents, etc); limit meat intake and increase veggies (or at the very least chose meats without hormones and gross stuff if possible, but i know they can be more expensive); increase fish intake; drink more water; switch to natural, non-refined flour; and avoid processed foods.

one other thing: don't think you can do all this overnight, and don't beat yourself up for setbacks. if you're used to eating or acting a certain way, change will be HARD. that's okay. it's good, it shows how much you're committed to taking care of yourself. but seriously, eating chips or candy every now and then is not the end of the world. i made a lot of changes like this pre-tx and started by choosing one at a time to "master", then moving on to the next when i felt comfortable. example: i might set a goal to eat four servings of veggies a day. once i was doing that consistently without really thinking, i might move on to cutting down meat. or i might start by walking 1/4 of a mile every single day, then up it to 1/2, then 1, and THEN start running. remember: it is WAY more important to create the habit by sticking to your resolutions (however small) than it is to make a huge change right away that won't stick.

good luck! i'm rooting for you the whole way!

your NYC "cyster"

Rebecca said...

Thank you Piper! I was thinking of using some vegan substitutes for my dairy, do you know of any harmful issues or no, nos that I may not know about?

Laura said...

I've been thinking of these same things Rebecca. I'm anxious to hear how it works for you!! :) Much love and good luck!