Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ahhh Sugar, ahhh Honey, Honey....- The Archies

Diet: anything that is habitually provided or partaken of. What do we partake of, what do I partake of?

Partake: to take or have a part or share along with others; participate. What do I fill my mind with when I wake up? What is the first thought I allow to take manifest inside of my mind?

Do I take everything thought captive, do I meditate on things above and not on things of this world? What type of diet is my mind, heart and soul on?

Is it healthy, well balanced and nutritious? Do we often do fast food for our spiritual fulfillment, quick prayer, a quick chapter before bed. Do we only do the right thing when it is convenient?

Do we only have a salad when it is already prepared for us, where is our self control, where is our diligence for pursuing what is right?

Where did our morals go, and when did right and wrong become a product of our emotions and feelings, " well if it feels right for you, then do it."

Could this possibly be the results of a malnutrition diet, could it be the food that we feed our souls?

We so easily see the results of a diet full of too much fat and sugar, in result you get a slough of health problems, why is it any different for our hearts?

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