Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am waiting for you, wait for me - Rebecca St James

Thump, thump, beats our hearts; Faster, and faster, up and down goes our lungs.

What is this feeling, why do I love it when you are near, why do I know when you are here?

Still I wait, still I cry and still I doubt that love will come by. I can't wait for the day when you are by my side and I am by yours, I can't wait for you to wipe the tears from my eyes and hold me when I cry.

I will serve you, and you will serve me, I will love you limitlessly and unconditionally, trying to meet your every need. I pray now that I will love you more each day that I can bless you everyday of the life we have together.

There is something that brings tears to my eyes, and that will test the ties of love. My love how will you love me? How can you think that I am the Lord's best for you.

How can you believe that God would bring to you someone who is dying and grasping for life?

I am weak and I am sick, I am young on the outside but my body is fighting for life. There are gonna be times when the house is messy, when dishes are stacked and the laundry is overflowing out of the basket, times when I can't get out of bed.

I will need you to support me, to help me and love me. Not only will you be my husband but my caretaker, my nurse, my doctor, my life advocate and much, much more than any husband has to be.

I will not always feel good, and my mood will show it, I will snap at you, feel like I am owed something because life delt me such a hard deck.

I will be bitter at God and destiny and take out my pain and suffering on you. I tell you now that there will be times that I can not make love to you, when I want, because I will be to weak, out of breath and in pain.

I can't give you anything in return for your service to me except my love for you, so I am waiting for you, and can't wait for the day to kiss you after a hard days work. I can't wait for the good days when I have energy, when I can bless you, hug you and hold you. I can't wait for times you are by my bedside.

I am waiting, I am waiting for you. I love you, so much!! I am flower fastly fading, come quickly my love, come quickly.

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who-i-can-be said...

Wow Rebecca. That made my eyes water. Keep on writing! God's blessed you with an amazing ability to express yourself so eloquently and beautifully.