Saturday, June 7, 2008

Come just as you are to worship -Philips Craig and Dean

My head hurts, my nose is congested, I stink because I haven't taken a shower and I feel fat and ugly.

My room is messy, I spend to much money and don't read my bible enough, I have little to no respect to authority, I talk back constantly. I am loud and opinionated and have no hesitation on speaking my mind.

I loose focus easily and I only do what I want, I am selfish and vain, I care about me and I look out for what is in my best interest. I am sarcastic always, hardly ever serious, I will make a joke at your expense if I know it will make people laugh.

Don't get to close to me because when I am tired of you I will kick you to the curb.

I am overly sensitive, I am high maintenance, I lack gratitude and focus on your faults, tell you how you can improve yourself and act holier than you.

I know it all, have a hotty spirit and a prideful heart. I don't listen to your opinions and I am stubborn to the death. I have an addictive personality, I don't want a little, I want all or nothing baby.

I am not patient, I lack compassion and have an attitude that would offend a valley girl.

Now who wants to marry me? I am sure men will start to form a line rapidly, what if I put that out in a personal ad? What if I was honest and put everything I could think of that was wrong with me, and a disclaimer, " this is to the best of my knowledge and all is subject to change."

The beautiful thing, the amazing miraculous thing is that even though I have all of this wrong with me and much, much more, the powers of darkness still can not keep me from my Savior, and still He loves me and still He takes me as I am.

He longs for my love, and I am unworthy to worship Him.

I know that I can't change any of these things on my own, I know that I don't have to worry about trying to change any of these things. I can lay it all at the foot of the cross again and again, and still He will except me back.

" It is a foolish and perverse generation that asks for a sign."

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