Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't cry for me Argentina -Evita

So I love my blog, why shouldn't I, I wrote it didn't I. I was unhappy to hear that my sister thought that my blog was depressing. I don't try to make it sad, I honestly write what I feel, what I am going through.

This was also surprising to me because I am a very joyful person all the time, weird.

So this morning I got up early to go to work out with my co-worker, it was cool and I am going again tomorrow, I am hoping this is the beginning of a routine.

I am very concerned at the moment about my lungs, last week I was so sick I missed 4 days of work. I didn't have to go into the hospital but I go in on Friday morning to make sure the Septra is enough to keep me out of the hospital. I am praying that I don't have to, because I love my job, and I would hate for a hospital stay to jeopardise it.

Today at lunch I went to whole foods for lunch, and bought $140 worth of supplements.

I got....

Alive: Liquid Multi

Flax Seed Oil (organic) hehe-purpose is for omega-3

Papaya Complex-this is to help support my pancreas

Wellness Formula-Herbal Defense -if you don't have this, get it!! Take it only when you feel like you are getting sick, this stuff really gives your immune system a strong extra boost.

Melatonin-sleep aid

Cod Liver Oil-I have been reading amazing things about this stuff. Here is a article about the benefits-

Milk Thistle-purpose: antioxidant ability, Milk thistle detoxifies the liver as well as protects it against damage, reducing inflammation.

Calcium-protects your heart, improves premenstrual moods and of course your bones.

So thats that, I am tired, good night.


*mom said...

hi rebecca! i just wanted to say hi,and i love you !god bless
maybe i will try to make a blog.....someday

Leah said...


i did not say your blog was depressing.

i did say your blog was dramatic.