Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baby, Baby -Amy Grant

I have baby fever, I dream about being a mommy almost every night, I have baby fever and I am not even married, something is wrong with this.

I really don't have is good, I am getting my strength back...oh I have 3 ovarian cysts, 1 on my left and 2 on my right, they cause pain but not large enough to cause worry.

A tip: milk helps you sleep, its better if its warm, but still it supports melatonin, and serotonin. (not just for babies)
*Update, I will from now be posting movie reviews, book reviews, and album reviews.
+++++Leah and I are opening a vintage store on line called, "Electric Stitch." I will keep you updated on the progress, we will be creating a blog for our store as well as other sites...stay tuned for the best vintage clothes you will ever see!!++++++++

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Nana said...

Sweet Pea,

So happy you are getting your strength back. Good also your job is making you happy. That is important.I am so happy for you and Leahs Vintage business, so appropriate for the two of you. Will pray that it takes off like a lightning bolt!!! Love you much. Nana