Friday, February 13, 2009

My Bucket List

1. Get a tattoo

2. Learn a foreign language

3. Fly an airplane/get my pilots license

4. Go on a safari in Africa

5. Learn an instrument

6. Own a home

7. Write a song

8. Be in a movie

9. Write my Auto Biography

10. Graduate from college

11. Do a triathlon

12. Walk where Jesus walked

13. Go to Greece

14. Sky Dive

15. White water rafting

16.Be on the back of a horse while it's running

17. Have a garden

18. Own a shop
19. Ride on a sleigh pulled by snow dogs
20. Live in a different country
21. Drive on a Race Track
22. Marry the man I love
23. Be a mother
24. Kiss under mistletoe
25. Send a message in a bottle
26. Swim with dolphins
27. have a candle light bubble bath
28. Go on a road trip
29. Join a book club
30. Take a painting class
31. Take singing lessons
32. Name a star
33. See the northern lights
34. Ride in a gondola through Venice

If you have any suggestions as to what I should do before I die, PLEASE let me know...I would love your impute.


Leah said...

don't you already have a tattoo? you can check that one off the list!

i don't know how you are going to find the time & funds to do all of that stuff - yikes - you would have to live to be 100!

my list is shorter but i think i would like to go to figi, maybe get new lungs, own a home, try out having a pet monkey, watch levi grow up and get married and have kids- and i told seth i wanted to own a mac before i die (kind of kidding) but i am typing on one now!

Nana said...

Hey SweetPea,

There is nothing wrong with wanting what you do. A lot wonderful wishes. You need to marry a very rich man, to do some of them. That way you would have the time to do them! As GG use to tell me, "it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man, than a poor man" I guess I did not listen correctly. But "I am rich" getting Pop!!!

Grandpa said...

Hi honey: My what an admirable list of things to do.I want to do some of those things also. Maybe we will run into each other. We hope you will be able to do everthing on your list and know that you are centainly capable of reaching all of your goals.
Love you very much. Grandpa & Grandma

Rebecca said...

There are few items that can be checked off...but yes all those will take awhile,...but thats why it's a Bucket List :)