Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sharing is BAD!

Colds, everyone gets them, most people get better in 3 days some 7 days. Like everyone else you feel like crap, get a headache, growl when you spit up mucus that is in abundance. Granted you are sick and you feel horrible, and it cuts into your plans like a serrated knife, but really, really it is not, I repeat it is NOT the end of the world.

You may shutter when someone coughs next to you in line, and think, "oh no, a cold is the last thing I need!" No one ever wants a cold, no one needs a cold but it is inevitable that you will get at least 8o colds in a lifetime. Just deal with it, get better the light at the end of a very short tunnel is in sight. Hand sanitizer, a good thing right? Wrong. People with healthy normal immune systems do NOT need to steer clear away from colds, in fact your hand sanitizer is not even killing that virus you think you are protecting your self from, you are just creating more super bugs. So please with all respect STOP! Don't be lazy and wash your hands with good old soap and water.:)

Sidenote: Not everyone who coughs is sick! *ahem* CFers!!!!!!!

CFers try their very hardest to stay away from colds because each cold will shorten your life. When you have a cold you usually just get left with a stronger immune system, we get left with lung infections, sometimes fatal bacteria and scar tissue that will eventually take our life. We usually have to go on IV antibiotics 2 weeks as least. Antibiotics, that isn't that bad, at least its not chemo, right? As I have never had chemo I can't tell you how it feels, but we have almost all the same side effects as someone that is receiving chemo. Basically you are killing EVERYTHING good and bad in your body and well, your body doesn't like that to much.

So a healthy way to prevent colds, WASH YOUR HANDS, AGAIN, AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! Don't share your germs, please keep them to yourself, thank you but no thank you. Stay inside for 3 days! "OMG, 3 whole days, Rebecca you don't know my life way to busy for that, like work, pick the kids up from school." blah, blah, blah. I get that you might not be able to stay inside, but you CAN limit your time out. You can stay at home from work, your co-workers will thank you, I promise it will be there when you come back. Make one trip to the grocery store, for like, chicken soup, cough meds etc, then try to be a hermit. Please.

Sometimes you are not just preventing someone from getting a cold you could actually be saving a life.

Finally I am going to drop a product that has worked miracles for me and my colds, I am not paid to say this or promote this product but really take it at the first signs and you most likely will be able to kick it in one day!


Nana said...

Rebecca, knows all the right stuff to keep her body healthy!! Wellness Formula is #1 way to fight off a cold or infection. She is doing so good on it, and we praise God for it!! All Cf"ers take head!! she is really doing well on it, she is diligent on taking it!! Nana

K-Kat said...

Thanks for updating your blog. I check it all the time.
Yup, Those are all the thing that need to be done to stop a cold dead in it's tracks.

Rebecca said...

Mother, aka K-kat, did you see my last 2 posts? Love you.